More Award-Winning Michigan Destinations for 2013


Best of Michigan Award Winners


Best Inland Lake: Charlevoix

Lake Charlevoix beachLake Charlevoix is home to spectacular mansions, private water planes, and amazing sunsets that leave you breathless. This inland lake has been prized by families for generations and remains a clean, cozy environment for those who love the water. This is one of the largest inland lakes in the state, and it has been recognized by the media for its beauty and peaceful atmosphere. If your idea of a great time is relaxing by gentle waters and spending time in quaint small towns, you will agree that Charlevoix deserves its spot at the top of our contest.

Best Place for Michigan Boating: Torch Lake

It was a pleasant surprise to see Torch Lake rise to the top of this year’s competition. It has always been prized by locals, but many have tried to keep it an exclusive secret from the rest of the world. This lake has an unusual water color that many relate to the waters of the Caribbean. It stretches out for 18 miles and has been called home by some of the biggest names in Hollywood. Definitely bring your fishing poles, but leave the party at home. This restful lake and its residents do not tolerate loud parties or any interference to their serene, peaceful living environment by the water. If you want to spend more than a day on the lake, rent a cottage tucked off the shoreline for the complete vacation experience.

Best Places to Go Mountain Biking: Copper Harbor Trails

Come out to Copper Harbor Trails and see what your body can really accomplish. These trails venture through some of the most challenging terrain in Michigan, so it is no big surprise that it came in first place for this year’s contest. More than 25 miles of mountain biking track leads out to forestland that stretches on for thousands of acres. Plus, you will find some of the most amazing views and fun manmade bridges ever created. When your legs are good and tired, you can paddle across Lake Superior to get a different view of the trails.

Best Place to Go Snowmobiling: Drummond Island Resort

Snowmobile MichiganSnowmobiling is big in Michigan, and Drummond Island Resort is a must-see destination for every enthusiast. The resort grooms more than 100 miles of trails just for snowmobilers, and the Ice Bridge to Canada offers even more excitement for visitors. This is a paradise of snow that you can frolic in for days, so make sure you are in the mood for extensive excitement. Some of the trails are aggressive, so make sure to look at the maps to select the trails that match your level of experience. Make sure to visit in February for the Winter Carnival.

Best Place to Go Fishing: Grand Marais

Grand Marais is a quaint, scenic historic village with a reputation for extreme fishing. From lake trout to whitefish, you will find the waters teeming with life and waiting for your hooks. The village holds a challenge for fishermen each year, and big prizes are handed out to the luckiest participants. You can fish from Lake Superior or explore some of the smaller lakes throughout the area. Spend some time on the shores, but make sure to head out by boat for a day as well.

Best Ski Resort: Crystal Mountain

This is definitely the most impressive ski resort in Michigan because it offers so much beyond basic ski trails. You can go dog sledding, snowshoeing, ice skating, or even enjoy ice hockey. What about flat tire snow biking? You won’t find those options at every ski resort in the state. When most other resorts close down for the winter, Crystal Mountain stays open to cater to weddings and offer a variety of outdoor amusements from mountain biking to kayaking and canoeing.

Best Place to Downhill Ski: Boyne Mountain

Boyne Mountain was the clear winner of this category, and that may be due to the family-friendly environment it offers to Michigan skiers. Some of the state’s more ambitious downhill trails are located on this mountain, but there are also features to attract beginning ski fans and families with young children. Come out and see what winter is all about in Michigan!



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