Fall Family Vacations and Weekend Getaways in Michigan


Five More Idea for Fall Family Vacations And Fun Activities


5. Find the “real” haunted houses, hotels, and other locations.

Fall is the perfect time to explore the many haunted locations in Michigan. You may go for a sightseeing tour and drive by some reportedly haunted houses, or you may get brave and venture inside some of the haunted locations that offer tours. Don’t leave cemeteries off the agenda if you have no fear. These activities are great for bonding with teenagers, but younger children may be too frightened to come along.haunted house

6. Catch a fright at one of the Halloween haunted houses throughout the state.

If real haunted houses are too much of a scare for your group, why not get out to explore haunted houses that you know aren’t real? Just because real ghosts aren’t in your presence doesn’t mean you won’t be frightened out of your wits. Be careful of the masked blood-thirsty ghouls toting chainsaws and never assume you are safe. This is another activity perfectly suited to bonding with teenagers or groups of adults.

There are haunted houses all throughout the state in October, and many open up at the end of September to get a couple extra weeks out of the season. You can expect to pay per person to enter these haunted houses, and they are typically open only at night. There are indoor as well as outdoor haunted houses.

If you are really into haunted houses and you live in Michigan, you may want to volunteer to work in a haunted house as a family or with your older children!

7. Take a tour through Michigan’s West Coast to enjoy delicious fresh grown fruits ripening in the fall.

eating michigan applesApples are the main attraction on Michigan’s West Coast, which is a 70 mile stretch traveling through Ottawa and Kent counties. There are farmers markets and fruit stands all over the place in this area, thanks to the many apple orchards and other fruit farms in the area. From picking your own apples to enjoy fresh apple cider and caramel apples, your taste buds will explode on this adventure.

This tour starts with the Coopersville Farm Museum in the city of Coopersville and ends with a trip to Wells Orchard in Grand Rapids. You will venture through orchards, apple mills, and hayrides along the way before wrapping it up back in Coopersville and heading home. You can find detailed directions through the entire West Coast online, and then you simply guide your family through the adventure at your own pace.

8. Enjoy the ZooBoo at the Binder Zoo Park in Battle Creek.

This is a safe place to take younger children out trick-or-treating in October. It is open from October 12 to October 28 and allows the entire family to walk through a well lit zoo to collect candy and visit with the animals. There are also games and other amusements to keep the entire family entertained for at least a few hours. You will have to pay to get in, but this is a great way to enjoy the Halloween season in Michigan.

If you want to trick-or-treat for free, look for events occurring in your local Michigan community. If you will be visiting Michigan for Halloween, look up the city you will be staying in online for local activities.

9. Hit the theater for a show.

Many Michigan theaters offer special programs for the fall and Halloween season. You can head out to the Marquis Theater in Northville to enjoy a children’s play put on just for Halloween, or go downtown Plymouth to enjoy classical horror films at The Penn. The Matrix Theater in Detroit is known to host a Halloween feature each year, and you may visit the New Redford Theater to watch the Hunchback of Notre Dame, which is perfectly fitting for Michigan fall fun.

10. Visit Greenfield Village in Dearborn to explore decorated Halloween displays.

scare crow green field villageYou may head out to tour decorated houses and landscapes at the end of the year for Christmas, but what about touring Halloween displays? Greenfield Village in Dearborn is transformed for Halloween every year, and you can pass many fun family fall nights at this location. This is a magical place where your children can actually talk to witches, collect candy from well lit homes and businesses, and then get a fright when the headless horseman appears.

No matter where you are in Michigan this fall, there are sure to be plenty of fun things for your family to see and do.



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