Girlfriends Getaway Weekend Ideas


by Theresa Raddison

Why take a girlfriends getaway weekend?  Because it is an great way to unwind and connect with friends.    No one understands you like your girlfriends! Getting away with the girls can be better than six months in therapy. You are able to let your hair down and be yourself, forget about the worries of your everyday life, and of course, enjoy all of the talk and laughter you can handle. If Michigan is on the agenda or you live in the state, it is easy to plan a girlfriend getaway. If you buy into a packaged deal, most of the planning has been done for you!

Girlfriends Getaway Packages

girlfriends getaway weekend

Getaway with Friends!

For example, here are some packaged deals being offered throughout the state just for women ready to cut loose:

1. Hexagon House Bed and Breakfast: Seven different themed girlfriends weekend packages. Find something that matches the personality of your girls, or try something completely new! If you like to shop, there is a shopping scavenger hunt. If you are hanging with the literary crowd, there is a short story weekend on offer. You can even go back to childhood and relive your slumber party days or stay grown up and hit the casinos.

2. Downtown Holland Girlfriends Weekend: March 5-7.  Escape to Holland and select from at least forty different activities offered by local businesses. Expect to pay $80 each for attending the event, but you will get discounted rates on hotel rooms if you don’t live close enough to drive into town. There is a cheaper option if you want to take a girlfriends day, rather than staying the entire weekend. From delicious food to shoe scavenger hunts, handwriting analysis, and psychics, there is a bit of everything in Holland.

3. It’s All About You, Girl at Garland Resort: March 5-7. This is the perfect winter getaway if you want some adventure in the snow. Catch up on your personal lives and remember insider jokes in the hot tubs, try your feet at snowboarding, and enjoy carriage rides with plenty of gourmet food.

4. Martini and Massage Getaway at Bay View Terrace Inn: Massages, wine, and consignment shopping…what more could you ask for? Break out the fuzzy bunny slippers, knead the stress from your overworked muscles, and kick back in a relaxing environment with your favorite girls.


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