10 Places in Michigan Every Kid Should Visit


by Theresa Howard

There are places in Michigan that attract droves of tourists every year, but how much of the state have you actually explored? It is a shame that many Michigan children grow into adulthood without fully appreciating the beauties and adventures contained within our state.

places in michigan for kids

Children love to explore, and there is no better state for exploring. From cross country skiing and hiking to indoor water parks and amusement parks, there are so many child-friendly destinations in this state you can keep your children busy every day of their lives. Most children have to go to school and do other things with their lives, but you should certainly have them traveling and exploring the state in the summer and on free weekends.

Family Bonding

Kids need time to just hang out with their families and have fun. There is no better way to strengthen the bonds of your family than to lead an active lifestyle and do fun, exciting things that they will always remember.

Family bonding comes from splashing through the waves, lying on the sandy shores, or racing down the bunny hills at a Michigan ski resort.

Michigan kidsKids will be Kids

If you could use a bit of family bonding time or just want to make sure your children grow up to appreciate the beauty of their state, these kid-friendly attractions will give you some good ideas to get started.

So…how much of the state of Michigan have YOU explored? We have gathered our list of the top 10 places in Michigan that every Michigan kid should see and experience.  It’s time to let your kids be kids.

There is no better place for it than Michigan!

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